Avologi Eneo Classic

Created by Avologi scientific in collaboration with dermatologists and skin care specialists

ENEO classic is an FDA cleared class II anti-aging medical device that shows immediate and long lasting anti-aging results, suitable for face only.

This medical device is noninvasive and features L.E.D- light emitting diodes technology that was proven as safe and effective skin treatment.

This medical device gently helps accelerate the production of collagen and elastin fibers which result in a firmer, tighter, youthful looking skin.

Expression lines, wrinkles and enlarged pore size can now be targeted.

ENEO classic uses dual wavelengths of 633 and 830 nanometers filter which allow accurate penetration to the dermal layer, enhancing the anti-aging treatment by use of blue light for detoxification from bacteria and 925 sterling silver which is known as one of the purest metals exist.

The ENEO classic is clinically tested and dermatologists recommended and was found suitable for all skin types and tones.


Step 1: To use the ENEO classic first make sure it’s fully charged before use.

cleanse your skin from oils, make up and other impurities which can affect the final results.

Step 2: firmly press the power button , the ENEO classic will gradually heat up to the optimal temperature.

Place the ENEO classic on your skin, ensuring full contact between the 24 karat applicator tip and your skin.

Gently glide the device back and forth from bottom to top. Treat for 4 minutes


Step 3: Finish your treatment with applying a facial cream on the treated areas after each session.

Clean the ENEO classic with a dry cloth, power it off and place it into the charging cradle after every use.


It is recommended to use the ENEO classic three times per week for the first month, after the first month preform the treatment once a week.