Avologi Eye Concentrator

Created by Avologi scientific in collaboration with dermatologists and skin care specialists.

ENEO eye concentrator is an FDA cleared class II anti-aging medical device that shows immediate and long lasting anti-aging results, suitable for the very delicate eye contour area only.

This medical device uses L.E.D- light emitting diodes technology that was found safe and effective skin treatment.

The ENEO EYE CONCENTRATOR was clinically proven to help decrease the appearance of periorbital wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration. Finally you can regenerate collagen and elastin and see youthful-looking skin around your eyes in just four weeks.

Using exquisite materials such as 24 karat applicator tip, along with breakthrough technologies utilizing preset-integrated fractional light energy – this unique medical device helps regenerate collagen production deep within the skin by sending targeted beams of infrared light – where collagen and elastin form.

This noninvasive, safe, clinically tested, dermatologist recommended medical device, ensures sustainable skin rejuvenation results with minimum effort, zero side effects and no allergies.



Step 1: To use the ENEO EYE CONCENTRATOR first make sure it’s fully charged before use.

Make sure the skin around the eyes is clean and dry.


Step 2: Firmly press the power button , the ENEO EYE CONCENTRATOR  will gradually heat up to the optimal temperature.

Place the ENEO EYE CONCENTRATOR on the inside corner of your eye near your nose, ensuring full contact between the 24 karat applicator tip and your skin.

Gently glide the device back and forth from the lower inside corner up to your outside upper eye area. Treat for 4 minutes.  Repeat on the opposite side.


Step 3: Finish your treatment with applying an eye cream on the treated areas after each session.

Clean the ENEO EYE CONCENTRATOR with a dry cloth, power it off and place it into the charging cradle after every use.


It is recommended to use the ENEO EYE CONCENTRATOR  three times per week for the first month, after the first month preform the treatment once a week.